XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heaters LPG Propane Fire Pit

The XtrempowerUS Outdoor Patio Heaters LPG Propane Fire Pit in Hammered Bronze Steel Finish is CSA approved durable fire pit that is great for heating your backyard or patio space. It heats a 15 foot (approximately) diameter area and also functions are a stylish outdoor wine table.

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XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heaters LPG Propane Fire Pit Specs:

Heat – 40,000 BTU

Size – 38 ” x 38 W ”  x 28 H ”

Weight – 95 LBS

Shipping Weight – 105 LBS

Setup – Easy to setup

XtremepowerUS Fire Pit Overview:

Design: It’s solid steel construction makes it extremely durable but it’s bronze finish gives it a rustic look so it will blend in with your other outdoor furniture.

Pulse Ignition: The pulse ignition is battery-operated for easier lighting.

Thermocouple flame failure device: This device will prevent gas waste and potential hazardous leaks by shutting off the value until your reignite it.

Gas type: You can use either propane or butane. If you are looking for add a gas line in the future, you can test this fire pit out with propane first. Then you won’t have to buy another fire pit if you do switch. The access door hides the propane tank but still give you easy access to switch out tanks.


  • CSA approved
  • Gas type options
  • Doubles as a wine table


  • Poor packaging


We really like that the XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heaters LPG Propane Fire Pit can also be used as a wine table even when the fire pit is not in use. Since it is CSA approved, you can heat your outdoor entertaining space even during a burn ban. You also don’t to deal with the smoke or hassle of a traditional wood fire pit.


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