Worx Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

The Worx Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is another offering in the popular Worx Power Share lineup. The idea behind the lineup is to have a shared battery pack that will fit in many commonly used outdoor power tools. They offer everything from leaf blowers to chainsaws. All using the same power share battery pack. The Worx Hydroshot is a super portable power washer.  

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Even Worx does not pretend that this will replace your need for a full pressure washer. If you need to get rid of real buildup or want to cover your entire house look elsewhere. Rather this is built to make cleaning things that require more pressure than your garden hose but not the full power of a pressure washer.

With that being said, we tested the Hydroshot Worx Power Cleaner under normal activities that Worx meant the product to be used.

The Worx Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner Setup:

First we should cover how the Hydroshot Worx unit works. It is important to read the directions included to understand the different settings and nozzle connections. We carefully read through the instructions which told us to hook up the short lance and the extension lance with the included multi-spray nozzle.

We then removed the hose adapter, attached our regular garden hose and turned our water supply on. Be sure to fill the unit with water prior to pulling the trigger on the Hydroshot Worx. For fun I set it to the highest setting and let it rip. I was honestly surprised at the water pressure compared to what I am used to with just the garden hose itself.

Hydroshot Worx Testing:

I was excited to see how this portable power cleaner would handle the bit of mold on the side of house that faces the fountain in our backyard. The spray from the fountain tends to get that part of house wet and mold tends to build up over a few months. Seeing as this was the main reason we purchased the unit I was anxious to see if worked.

With the highest setting and a few quick passes like using a spray paint gun the mold flew off fairly easily. This combined with some light soap got rid of the problem in less than 10 minutes. After that quick little display of power I was eager to see what else this little beauty could handle.

I circled my house and cleaned under the gutters, random dark spots on the house and even cleaned out some black spots left from our wood burning fire pit on our deck. All were cleaned fairly well. The Hydroshot made it much easier to reach harder to get to areas.

Next we got a soapy bucket of water and headed over to our cars. This did not require the high setting for pressure. The Worx Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner halved the time it normally took to clean our car. We used the soapy bucket as the water source with no hose attachment and water pressure was still pretty good.

Worx Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner Specs

Size – 8 x 4 x 15 inches

Weight – 5.5 pounds

PSI – 320

Available Accessories – Soap Bottle, Scrub Brush, and Window Squeegee



Adjustable pressure and nozzle angle


Not meant for heavy duty jobs

Buying Recommendation:

Overall if you are fan of the Worx Power Share lineup than the Hydroshot is a natural extension of the line and you will not be disappointed.  If you are looking for a portable pressure washer that is capable of light cleaning tasks then this is your unit. However, if you are looking for something capable of high pressure and larger jobs keep looking.

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