Windsor Precast Fireplace Mantel and Surround (Stone = TraverStone Other=Gypsum)

Non Combustible
5 Year Warranty


HearthCo Precast Fireplace Mantel (mantle) Surround

Enlarge Image 2 for line drawing and dimensions.

Enlarge Image 3 for Material choices Gypsum (Other) and TraverStone (Stone).

HearthCo 5 year manufacturer warranty. Zero Clearance to Combustibles

The items listed are shown in actual installations and may be pictured with option items including: flush or raised hearths, flat stock trim around the inside next to the firebox, overmantels or custom paint schemes. These aren’t included and are listed one at a time.

Image 3 shows the two materials, Gypsum (Other) and TraverStone (Stone). All items are available in either material. They may be pictured in either or both but each material is listed and sold one at a time. It is not just a matter of finish, they are two totally different products. Traverstone is a hand packed fiberglass reinforced Portland Cement based product which looks like natural stone. It does not require a finish of any type but can be stained for color and you may put a clear matte finish on it to offer protection to it from staining. The color is Sahara Sand which is designed to match tumbled travertine. There is a 5% up-charge for custom colors. I do not sell optional colors other than the pur white Western White which requires white silica sand HearthCo, Inc. stocks in small quantities. In a different way you’ll be able to obtain the shade you wish to have by tinting the Sahara Sand color. I don’t sell the optional colors because we will be able to not guarantee a color match. It is made of natural occurring stone material and each piece takes the staining another way.

Gypsum is a fiberglass reinforced gypsum product which is has a smooth finish. It is similar to plaster but harder. It should be painted to seal the pores. It does not wish to be heat resistant.

Please feel free to call me with any questions any day before 7 pm at (928) 595-2317 Skip
Non Combustible
5 Year Warranty
Easy to Install


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