WG119 WORX 15″ Electric Dual-Line 2-in-1 Grass Trimmer & Edger

Product Description The WORX WG119 is designed for performance and comfortable use. It is the very best blend of comfort, keep an eye on and versatility. The 5.5 Amp electric grass trimmer uses a telescoping shaft and 4-position adjustable head to take away the backbreaking labor from trimming. A balanced design promotes natural body posture. This means maximum comfort and minimum fatigue, even all over prolonged operation. Need an edger too? Rotate the deal with and adjust the head and the WORX becomes an absolutely functioning edger that helps you cut clean edges around sidewalks, driveways and patios for a crisp, professional look. The WORX Electric trimmer features a 4-position pivoting head that adjusts to slot in tight spaces or sloped landscapes. A foldable spacer guard prevents the cutting edge from damaging trees, furniture, walls or delicate landscaping. It features a dual auto-feed trimmer line system, so you can never have to bump the trimmer to feed additional line. The auto-feed ensures you have the very best amount of line all the time. Key Features Features an efficient 15-inch cutting swath to get the job done faster Quite a lot of power for tough trimming with 5.5 Amps Telescopic shaft adjusts for height and posture for less fatigue 4-position head adjustment convenient for edging slope areas Dual line auto-feed for quick line advance without bumping


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