Uponor Wirsbo Q6272000 ProPEX 201 Corded Expander Tool


Uponor, formerly referred to as Wirsbo, is a number one manufacturer and provider of Plumbing, Heating/Cooling, and Fire Safety Systems for residential and commercial building applications. Uponor Wirsbo gives Reliable, Costeffective Resolution for Commercialsized 2″ PEX Installations. With its sixfoot power cord, this 110v, electrohydraulic tool makes speedy, simple connections for two” AQUAPEX and hePEX tubing. The ProPEX Corded Expander tool (Q6272000) has a selfcontained, pistol grip design for more uncomplicated transport and is adaptable to existing 2″ expander heads currently in use. The kit includes the ProPEX 201 Corded Expander Tool, lubricant for expander heads, and a heavyduty sporting case.


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