Uponor Wirsbo A1250750 hePEX Tubing 300 Ft Coil (PEX-a) – Radiant Heating & Cooling, 3/4″


Product Information:About the Uponor Wirsbo A1250750 hePEX Tubing 300 Ft Coil (PEXa) Radiant Heating amp; Cooling, 3/4″The Uponor Wirsbo A1250750 offers a tube size of frac34; inch and 300 feet in length. This tubing is the most flexible, least likely to kink, smallest bend radius, greatest resistance to crack propagation, and highest degree of crosslinking tubing you’ll be able to find available on the market. Brought to you by Uponor Wirsbo, a brand name that means only the most productive, you realize you might have just that on this tubing the perfect.In your radiant heating and cooling applications in closedloop hydronics, use the Uponor Wirsbo A1250750. There’s a unique polyethylene layer over the EVOH barrier for super protection against moisture saturation, and even web site abuse. This tubing is perfectly compatible with QSstyle and ProPEX fittings.The Uponor Wirsbo A1250750 meets requirements of German /Din 4726, among 6 other pertinent listings. This means your tubing is only of the most professional grade and will perform at topnotch quality. A full specifications sheet is included In your reference and a 25 year warranty comes included as well.Additional Information:Manufacturers Specification Sheet (PDF File) Features:#149; Most flexible#149; Smallest bend radius#149; Least likely to kink#149; Thermal memory#149; Shape memory#149; Highest degree of crosslinking#149; Greater resistance to crack propagation Specifications:#149; Model: A1250750#149; Tubing Size: 3/4″#149; Coil Length: 300 Feet#149; Material: Crosslinked polyethylene PEXa Engel Method#149; Standard Grade Hydrostatic Ratings (PPI): 200 degrees F at 80 psi (93 degrees C at 5.51 bar); 180 degrees F at 100 psi (82 degrees C at 6.89 bar); 73.4 degrees F at 160 psi (23 degrees C at 11.03 bar)#149; Linear Expansion Rate: 1.1″/10 degrees F per 100 ft. (27.94mm/5.56 degrees C per 30.


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