Superior Millivolt Valve Pilot Kit Fuel Conversion (Remote Ready)


Technology at your fingertips. There is nothing technology can’t keep watch over. With the addition of a Superior Manual valve pilot fuel kit you are going to be capable of keep watch over the whole thing about the fire in your fireplace with your fingertips. The manual valve will keep watch over the lit pilot light, ensuring that gas does not enter your fireplace when a fire isn’t desired. Also to be had to coordinate with this kit is a Skytech remote keep watch over. Use this to vary the temperature of your fireplace’s output by way of sitting upon your couch! Enjoy all of the benefits of safety and modern convenience with this pilot light conversion kit. Features: To be used with FMI vented gas logs by Superior Fireplace. Adds standing pilot to natural gas vented gas logs. Remote keep watch over sold one after the other. Includes LP conversion kit. Required for LP use.


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