Spitfire Fireplace Heater – 4 Tube w/ Blower


The Spitfire Hearth Heater was once developed to dramatically increase convection heat (hot air) coming from your fireplace. The unique design of this grate heater super heats the air inside the exchanger tubes to over 400 degrees F and will produce as much as 35,000+ BTUs of heat; enough to heat a big room! The Spitfire Heater has a smaller profile than our other tube style heaters and is in a position to fit into smaller fireplaces. It is super easy to install; simply assemble the blower at the tubes, seal it with the supplied silicone sealer, and place into your fireplace.

The Spitfire Hearth Heater features heavy-gauge aluminized steel tubes for long life. The blower is attached to the grate by way of a flexible tube which allows the blower to be situated in front of the fireplace opening. Measures: 7″ High x 14 1/2″ Deep; 20″ Front Width and 18″ Back Width.


  • Low cost
  • Ease to install
  • Fits small fireplaces
  • Compact 2 speed blower
  • Reduces home heating costs by as much as 50%
  • Turns your fireplace into a heat producing furnace
  • Made of aluminized steel for long life
  • Pays for itself in one season!
  • High customer satisfaction
  • 3 Year limited warranty


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