Skytech RCT-MLT Fireplace Remote for Heat-N-Glow

RCT-MLT Remote Control Kit for Gas Fireplaces
RCT-MLT Thermostat with Remote
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Features: Battery Operated – The battery powered R.F. transmitter gives wireless remote Keep watch over to a gas fireplace LCD Display – Crystal clear screen displays the day of the week, 24-hour clock, and room temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Flame icon will appear to indicate appliance is on. A low battery indicator will be displayed when the transmitter’s batteries are running low 7-Button UP/DOWN/MODE/SET/TIMER&TIME/FAN/FLAME remote Keep watch over – User friendly transmitter provides simple Keep watch over of a connected fireplace. Each and every button operates otherwise to customize the appliance’s functions to suit the user’s need Flame Modulation – Keep watch over the intensity of the appliance’s flame with the flame modulation feature (NOTE: ALL STEPS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION OF THE FLAME CONTROLLER MUST BE DONE BY A QUALIFIED GAS SERVICE TECHNICIAN) Fan Operation – Allows 4 different settings of fan/blower: OFF, LOW, MED, HI Timer Mode – Timer feature allows the user to set a desired amount of time the fireplace will operate. Countdown timer can also be set up to a maximum time of 9 hours Thermo Mode – Thermostat feature operates the fireplace whenever the room temperature swings 2 °F above or below the set temperature Flip Cover – Partial plastic cover flips to cover buttons so settings don’t seem to be by chance adjusted 1,048,567 Security Codes – A large number of codes allow user to make a choice the most suitable option to suit their need Multi-Purpose Receiver – receiver with learn function, and 18 inch wires with connectors. Receiver can learn up to 2 additional Skytech remotes and also allows manual Keep watch over of fireplace with On/Remote/Off settings Child Proof /Thermo-Safety Feature – The Childproof feature allows the user to “lock-out” operations from the transmitter. Built-in Thermistor recognizes whenever the ambient temperature reaches 130 °F and automatically shuts the power off to the appliance, preventing damage from over the top heat Includes – Transmitter remote, receiver box, flame module
RCT-MLT Remote Keep watch over Kit for Gas Fireplaces
RCT-MLT Thermostat with Remote
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
RCT-MLT Comes with Instructions
Includes – Transmitter remote, receiver box, flame modulating solenoid, wall clip, wires with connectors, batteries, and instruction manual


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