Quadra-Fire DV400 & DV425 Pilot Assembly (842-4650)


Quadra-Fire Pilot Assembly for DV400, DV425 & Sapphire 25 Gas Stoves Part #842-4650 Replacement pilot assembly retrofit kit for Quadra-Fire gas stoves and fireplaces. This kit is to modify the older models from the Robert Shaw / PSE pilot assembly to the brand new S.I.T. EZ change pilot assembly. Kit includes SIT pilot assembly 842-4280, LP orifice #35 2 hundred-2630, NG orifice #62 842-4440, pilot mounting bracket, 4 sheet metal screws and directions. Fits the next HHT Gas Stove models: Quadrafire Gas Stoves: DV400S – Pre serial # 700750 DV400SL – Pre serial # 700750 Sapphire 25 (DV425S) This pilot assembly comes set for NG. To set it up for LP, change out the present place of work for the .35 LP orifice (part # 2 hundred-2630) which is included within the package. Quadrafire part # 842-4650 OEM HHT part. Might have compatibility other models, check your owners manual for part numbers.


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