Panasonic Exhaust Fan 110 Cfm 11/5 ” X 16 “, 13 “, 4 ” 1400 W 0.6 Sones White


Panasonic WhisperWarm Bathroom Fan With Heater FV-11VH2110 CFM; 31 Watt Fan+ 1400 Watt Heater+ 3.6 CFM/Watts: .6 sones Duct Diameter (inches): 4″ Mounting Opening : 17-3/8″ x 12-5/8″Grille Size (inches sq.): 18-1/8″ L x 14-1/8″ W Welcome to the next generation of WhisperWarm ventilation fans. Panasonic has found how you can give a boost to upon this impressive fan/heat configuration. Now they are easier to install, are more lightweight and have a smaller housing. What’s more, they are quieter than their predecessors with reduced sone levels. And lastly, we now have streamlined them with a more cosmetically pleasing look. We think you can be pleased with the new WhisperWarm line — an already great product that just got better. — Extremely quiet operation– Maximum heat level reached in just one minute from “off” position– Newly-designed up to date grille– Easy to install with 24″ hanger bar on center joist We’re proud to feature concentrated heat –our grilles are actually structured in this kind of way that affords the user a stronger blast of air focused in one area for intensified warmth.• 3 year warranty• Rustproof paint remedy on galvanized housing• Built in damper to prevent backdraft• Thermal fuse protection on motor and 3-level safety device for heater Minimum 20 Amp dedicated circuit required.For optimum performance, install heater not more than 8 feet from floor to ceiling.SPECIFICATIONS:Air Volume (CFM)  110 @ 0.1″ static pressure 89 @ 0.25″ static pressure Noise (sones)  0.7 at 0.1″ static pressure Power Consumption (Watts)  30.6 at 0.1″ static pressure30.5 at 0.25″ static pressureEnergy Efficiency (CFM’s/Watt)  3.6 at 0.1″ static pressure2.9 at 0.25″ static pressure Speed (RPM)  812 at 0.1″ static pressure956 at 0.25″ static pressure Current (Amps)  0.25 at 0.1″ static pressure0.25 at 0.25″ static pressureCombined Amps  12.5 Heater Directional Louver  NoHeating Element Watts – 1400Heat


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