Monessen 14D0476 Propane Gas ODS Saftey Pilot Kit

Monessen Part# 14D0476 Propane Gas ODS
Genuine OEM Monessen replacement part


It is a replacement Monessen 14D0476 Propane Gas Safety Pilot Kit.
Fits the next Monessen fashion numbers: 24DBX_TC, 24VFSC, DBX24C, DFX24C, DFX32C, 18HVFL, 18VL, 24VL, 30VL, DEB20, DEB24, DEB30, EYF18, EYF24, HVFL18, 18VLS, 24VFS, 24VLS, 32VFH, 36VFH, 42VFH, DBX24, DB24, DFS3224, DFS32, DFC42, DFC36, DFC32, DFS32A, DFS3224A, DFS42A, DFS42, DFS36A, DFS36, DFX24, DFX32, DHH, DIS33, DIS33C, DIS33D, DLX24 MANUAL, DLX24 THERMOSTATIC, DLX28B MANUAL, DLX28B THERMOSTATIC, DLX24 THERMOSTATIC, DLX28 THERMOSTATIC, DLX24 MANUAL, DLX28 MANUAL, DLX18B MANUAL, DLX18B THERMOSTATIC, DLX18 THERMOSTATIC, DLX18 MANUAL, DYS24, DYS18, DZS36, DZC36, HHD, CFX24 Chesapeake, CFX32 Chesapeake, PH18, PH24.

ALL Gas hearth pilots and portions will have to be tested and put in by a licensed gas technician ALWAYS.
Monessen Phase# 14D0476 Propane Gas ODS
Authentic OEM Monessen replacement Phase


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