Kerosene Heater Wick (aw-5)


Sold as every. Fits: Comfort-Temp GG-8420, Design Area eleven-2602-35, eleven-2602-38, eleven-2602-forty nine, eleven-2604-38, eleven-2605-38, Dyna-Glo 2602-38, Warmth Buster HB-105, Warmth-Glow TSK-106, Kerovic ninety eight-KV01, Knapp Monarch 18-2616-fifty eight, 18-2619-ninety one, 18-2614-ninety one, Nova 9, Robeson 2602-38, 2604-38, 2605-38, 2602-forty nine, 2609-fifty eight, 2610-fifty eight, 2611-fifty eight, 2616-fifty eight, 2614-ninety one, 2619-ninety one, 2615-fifty eight, Suny Vox 9805, Toshiba KSE-2150, Turco 2000, Union Thermal Therma 10, 12 and 12F, Van Wyck 2602-38 (Rad 10,500), 2016 Carlton, 4020 Citadel, 4025 Citadel II, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 20008, Estate, 2015 and 2018 Plantation, 2007 Plantation II, 4030 Tempvent, 2001 Villager. Manufacturer number: AW-five. Distributed by American Wick/Cans Unltd.


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