HPC Remote Control for Maxitrol Millivolt Valve Kit


Manual On/Off, modulating flame, remote keep an eye on to be used with Maxitrol Flame Modulating Millivolt Valve Kits, and/or kits from other manufacturers that use the Maxitrol GV34 valve. Room Temperature is displayed at the LCD window of the transmitter. Use this as your guide to adjusting the flame up or down. Features: Radio frequency signal for more keep an eye on flexibility. Low battery indicator. Switch at the receiver permits flame adjustment from here if transmitter is disabled or out of achieve. Self matching receiver for more straightforward frequency match up. Has insulated warmth defend for receiver and 160 degree over warmth shutdown to forestall damage to the receiver if it gets too hot. All required prime temp (400 degree) wiring and batteries are included. Childproof lockout mode.


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