Heat & Glo RC300 Transmitter (2166-330)


Warmth N Glo RC300 Transmitter Section #2166-330 Original HHT Portions. No Generics Replacement remote transmitter (RC300-HNG) for Fireplace & Home gas stoves and fireplaces. Used for LP and NG units. Fits the next HHT gas hearth models: Warmth N Glo Gas Fireplaces: 6000CL-IPI-T & 6000CL-IPI-S 6000CLX-IPI-S & 6000CLX-IPI-T 8000CL-IPI-T & 8000CL-IPI-S 8000CLX-IPI-S & 8000CLX-IPI-T ESC-42ST – After serial # 0022120860 ESCAPE-I30-C ESCAPE-I30-F ESCAPE-I30FB ESCAPE-I35-C ESCAPE-I35-F ESCAPE-I35FB MEZZO36 MEZZO36ST MEZZO48 MEZZO48ST MEZZO60 MEZZO60ST MEZZO72 MEZZO72ST PRIMO48 PRIMO48ST PRIMO60 PRIMO60ST PRIMO72 PRIMO72ST TRUE-36S, TRUE-36H & TRUE-36C TRUE-42S, TRUE-42H & TRUE-42C TRUE-50S, TRUE-50H & TRUE-50C Warmth N Glo Section # 2166-330 Would possibly have compatibility different models. Please test your homeowners manual for Section numbers.


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