Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector DD Coil + Headphones

Includes powerful 8.5×11 Double-D searchcoil
Enhanced Iron Resolution
Includes volume control headphones

The all new garret ace 350 metal DETECTOR is just the DETECTOR for getting available in the market & finding what Treasure is hiding beneath.  find more coins, more relics & more jewelry with ease with the all new garret ace 350   key features for garret ace 350 metal detector enhanced iron resolution: allows more keep an eye on of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good targets from adjacent junk iron. Powerful new double-d search coil: provides greater detection Depth & performance in mineralized grounds & very good scanning coverage. Higher frequency: offers improved ability to detect both small (I.E. Small gold nuggets) & large targets volume keep an eye on headphones: included with purchase electronic pinpointing: to precisely locate target & Speed Recovery accept/reject discrimination: to change discrimination patterns five search modes: make a choice pre-set discrimination pattern or create your personal continuous coin Depth indicator: to decide target Depth battery condition indicator: shows battery life continually interchangeable ace series search coils: are to be had other features: one-touch operation; 3-Piece shuttle/storage, disassembles to 24″; adjustable arm cuff; quarter-inch (1/4″) size headphone Jack.  Search modes (discrimination patterns): 5 plus electronic pinpointing at the garret ace 350 all metal (zero) jewelry custom relics coins pinpoint   target id cursor segments   12 iron discrimination segments   4 accept/reject discrimination   yes search modes   5 sensitivity/Depth adjustments   8 electronic pinpointing   yes frequency   8.25 kHz audio tone id levels   3 standard search coil   8.5″ x 11″ DD performance length (adjustable)   42″ to 51″ (1.06m – 1.29m) total weight   2.8 lbs. (1.27 kgs.) batteries   4 AA (included) warranty   2 year, limited parts/labor includes powerful 8
Includes powerful 8.5×11 Double-D searchcoil
Enhanced Iron Resolution
Includes volume keep an eye on headphones
Electronic pinpointing
Five search modes


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