Garden Sun Table Propane Powered Patio Heater Top 11,000 BTU


The Garden Sun Table Top Outside Propane Heater is a good way to extend your Outside entertaining into the fall or early spring with friends and family. Why waste your Outside living areas This compact, attractive and durable heater brings Outside living to an all new level. Too chilly to go out on your patio tonight No problem! It’s so simple as pushing a button on this mini tower of comfort, in minutes it transforms your patio, deck or pool area into a comfortable, warm, summer like area that can be utilized any time of the year. In the end, a quality Outside heater that’s compact and portable. Garden Sun now delivers the entire same features, durability and great looks in a unit small enough to sit down on a table top. Dependable solid state easy-light push button ignition system never requires batteries or out of doors power of any kind! To light, simply set your comfort level with the dial-a-setting knob and push the button. Your family’s safety is your number-one concern. In the unlikely event the heater tips over the built-in safety valve will immediately shut the unit off. Powerful and compact heating element produces over 11,000 BTU’s of radiant heat that reaches out up to a full 15 feet around the unit (175 sq/ft). Stainless steel construction holds up to any weather conditions, salt air and harsh sun, at the same time as retaining it’s beautiful finish indefinitely


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