Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 1/2″ Elliptical Search Coil

gold nugget
metal detector

Take prospecting to new levels with the second one generation of Gold Bug, the ultra high frequency Gold Bug 2. The Gold Bug-2 is designed for locating gold nuggets. It offers bizarre sensitivity, ultrahigh frequency (the best operating frequency in the marketplace), iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-spice up and the facility to operate in extremely mineralized soil with a 3 position mineralization switch.

Powerful 71 kHz Operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets
”IRON DISC” mode rejects iron (trash) targets and hot rocks.
6 inch coil
Proof against dust and moisture
Boosts audio signal of small and deep targets
Convertible to hip mount or chest mount
Weighs most effective 2.9 lbs.
Quartz-crystal locked electronics.
Dual-knob ground regulate for coarse and fine adjustment.
gold nugget
metal detector


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