EPK1P Electronic Pilot Kit – Liquid Propane


EPK1P Electronic Ignition Pilot Kit with On/Off Remote. With its electronic ignition, this pilot kit hooks instantly into your homes’ current so there’s no standing pilot. Regulate the whole thing from your easy chair with this low profile remote. Adding this pilot kit to your G4 or G45 burner is easy and the added convenience of having the controls at your fingertips – priceless! This kit could also be to be had factory installed at the G46 burner. Includes: Pilot Kit with Basic Transmitter and Receiver Only. Features: Non standing pilot system. Comes with RR-1A handset and remote receiver. Is also upgraded to RR-2A. Can be used with Wall Switches WS-1 & WS-2. Battery operated. Compatible with ALL Real Fyre Vented burners. Large Gas Float Capacity. Up to 110,000 BTU capacity – Propane. May use with burner sizes 12″-36″.


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