DuraVent 14DCA-36 14″ Inner Diameter – DuraChimney II Class A Chimney Pipe – Dou,

DuraChimney II Collection 14″ x 36″ Galvanized Class A Chimney Pipe Length The DuraChimney II 14″ x 36″ Galvanized Class A Chimney Pipe Length is an element that may be used in a typical venting installation. DuraChimney II pipe is to be had in 12“, 18”, 36”, and 48“ lengths. To calculate the installed length of DuraChimney II pipe, subtract 1” from each and every length of chimney pipe. The chimney pipe is double walled and is UL 103 listed. Features: Inner Diameter: 14″ Length: 36″ Double Wall Pipe UL Listed DuraChimney II is an outstanding factory-built alternative to pre-fabricated masonry chimneys. DuraChimney II is a unitized, lightweight design which eliminatesthe need for field assembly of pipe sections, making an allowance for faster installation. DuraChimney II is designed to stay cool on the out of doors, to provide a hot draft on the inside and to provide a fire-protected design that protects both the chimney and the building. The double-wall, air-cooled design allows the chimney to expand both radially and lengthwise under high temperatures. On the lookout for Simpson Dura-Vent? You found it! Simpson Dura-Vent has changed their name to DuraVent. DuraVent is a recognized technological leader in the venting industry. Consistently the first to market with new innovations in venting systems, DuraVent has captured a leadership position in emerging markets. DuraVent has patents for several products and continues to design protected and technologically advanced venting.The company’s research into solving problems with corrosion, when biofuels such as corn are used, led to the break-through patent for PelletVent Pro. Scientifically proven materials and unequalled engineering make DuraVent products not only your only option, or safest choice, but the only choice for professional quality venting products.


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