Dimplex EUH10B74CT 10 Kilowatt 480 Volt 1-3 Phase Industrial Unit Heat,

10 Kilowatt 480 Volt 1-3 Phase Industrial Unit Heat With its spiral finned elements and sealed ball-bearing motor this heavy duty industrial unit heater promises a long service life. Features: Built-in adjustable single pole thermostat Ceiling hanger bracket included, optional wall bracket to be had (allows swivel movement) Five-way adjustable louvers to direct airflow Construction: The cupboard is constructed of 18 gauge die formed steel. The units have individual adjustable 20 gauge convex profile air redirecting louvers. The louvers are friction fastened to a single piece 20 gauge frame to stop movement, once adjusted to the specified position. Heating Element: The heating element has a metal tubular sheath fused with spiral steel fins. The heating element incorporates a top quality nickel-chromium wire, encased in solidly packed magnesium oxide insulation. Controls: A jumper is provided to disable built-in thermostats when remote thermostats are required. Summer fan regulate and low voltage regulate options are field installed. Fan & Motor: The fan size and pitch is matched to the ability and speed of the unit, to optimize CFM, air throw, temperature upward thrust, and quietness. The motor is heavy duty, continuous operation, totally enclosed, thermally safe with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Overall Dimensions: Width: 13″ Height: 19.5″ Depth: 13″


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