DeWalt DXH2003TS Forced Air Electric Heater

Dual output- Can be run at 10kW(50 amp) or 7kW(30 amp)
Thermal Protected
Proprietary dual coil support system


The DeWalt DXH2003TS 20kW Electric forced air three phase 240 V AC industrial and commercial thermostatically keep an eye on heater. Maximum current electric heaters provide industry professionals with the climate keep an eye on they want for indoor heating applications. No want to handle the hassles of refueling or monitoring the units at the same time as in use. DeWalt electric heaters operate and not using a open flame and no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, or the odor of different noxious gases.
Dual output- May also be run at 10kW(50 amp) or 7kW(30 amp)
Thermal Safe
Proprietary dual coil toughen system
ETL Certified


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