87″ Commercial Duty Brush Flail Mulcher Cat-1&2 w/ 43 oz Hammers

The “D” series flail mulchers are super heavy duty mowers designed for large areas, with heavy vegetation and/or brush. Areas like roadsides, orchards, fields, woods, roads and trails. Perfect for clearing and maintaining the more rugged landscape areas that come with heavy grasses, debris, sticks, vines, branches and other wooded materials. Hydraulic side shift allow the “D” flail mulcher to cut just about boundaries, around obstructions and trees in addition to along roadsides. “D” flail mulchers are fitted with a strong steel 80 HP gearbox with internal over-running seize to prevent damage to your tractor or the mower. Minimum cutting height is controlled by adjustable 5 1/2″ rear roller., with wiper bar to take away mud and debris as you mow. Uses high strength forged steel mulching 43 ounce blades with 16″ diameter swing can chop material up to 5″ in diameter. The Farmer-Helper “D” series flail mulchers are designed for dual duty. Be it cutting the field or clear the brambles this mulcher flail can maintain the task. With a standard flail mower the material you are cutting is retained under the deck until it’s expelled down on the ground. In case you are dealing with brush and branches now and again the material comes out from under the deck before it’s fully mulched. With the “D’s” brush rakes you’ll be able to keep the material in the mulching chamber longer.


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