53″ FLAIL MOWER 3Pt. Cat.I w/PTO 0480LFB

The EF Series (Light Duty)Flail Mower is an option in case you are in search of a better finished cut than with the brush mower. The EF Series is a Weed and Grass Field Mower. Provides a smooth and better finish than a brush mower but not reasonably the finish of a rotary mower. This model is great for small acreage of 10 or less. Flail Mowers are useful for jobs where you are cutting grass on uneven ground, high grass, weeds, brush, and small saplings. A flail mower doesn’t throw grass, instead it cuts finely and leaves the cuttings on the ground where it was once cut making it a very good choice for those places where it is advisable cause damage by throwing debris. Highway mowing and park maintenance steadily use flail mowers because they’re less likely to throw objects all over cutting. For Tractors 22 HP Comes with Reversible “Y” Blades with precise blade overlap Standard 3-Pt Category I Hitch Mount Shear Bolt PTO Shaft for Standard 1-3/8″ 6-Spline PTO PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge Height Adjustment from 1/4 – 6 inches Balanced Rotor and Shaft Powder Coat Paint Finish 2 Offset Positions For Complete Specifications See Brochure Under Additional Resources Below (VL-EF Series Flail Mower Shown in Video) Gear Box The EF Series has a rugged gearbox. The gearbox has a continuous rating of 45 HP. Bearings Bearings are greasable and replaceable. Sizing is standard and will also be purchased at any local bearing shop.


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