48″ Centered Heavy Duty Flail Row Mower N style 3pt. Cat.1 w/PTO

This commercial flail is ideal for mowing the growth between the rows and/or mulching your pruning in place. The mowing width at the FMC is centered in the back of your tractor for simple regulate of where you mow. The FMC has a strong box channel 3-point frame and a deck with additional reinforcement. Under the deck. You have clump buster bars that help the mulching action of this flail. Comes with our 27 ounce EFGC all crop hammer style blades installed. These blades chop grass, weeds and brush in one pass. Centered Commercial flail has 65 HP cast-iron gearbox More than one drive belts assure power to the blades. Adjustable rear roller with mud scraper bar, heights of 0 to 6 inches “Y” grass/rock blades are optional. Under deck clump busters Zero cutting width offset assists in keeping your flail where you wish to have it. Rear height adjusting roller with tapered ends to get rid of gouging when turning Optional hydraulic offset regulate to be had.


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