best outdoor wood burning fire pit

Best Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

You know those chilly spring and fall nights when you stare out onto your patio wishing you were out there enjoying the fresh air and stars only to have to stay inside and watch reruns of shows you wouldn’t watch once if you could be outside? I know the feeling. Before we got our first outdoor wood burning fire pit we would stay inside and long for the outdoors we enjoyed so much during the summer.

We have had a few know over the years and have been lucky enough to test out most of the current offerings from the leading fire pit manufacturers. We have tried our best cut out the hassle of searching for the best wood burning fire pit so you can get out there and enjoy those special nights outdoors with friends and loved ones.

The Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

1. Landmann Patio Lights Firedance Bear & Paw Wood Burning Fire Pit

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When it comes to enjoying the outdoors there is not much better than a warm fire dancing with the glow beaming through the cutouts of the Landman Bear & Paw Wood Burning Fire Pit. It truly is a work of art that is brought to life with glowing embers raging into the night. You will have ample room to build a solid stack of wood to keep the fire burning all night.

The bronze finish really adds a nice touch compared to most wood burning fire pits on the market today. Most wood fire bowls within this price range are black and lack the attractive cutouts. We are big fans of the entire Landmann wood burning fire pit lineup but the added details of this unit really set it apart.

Landmann Patio Lights Firedance Bear & Paw Wood Burning Fire Pit Specs:

Size – Top to Bottom: 23.5 ” Overall Width – Side to Side: 36 ” Overall Depth – Front to Back: 36 ” Fire Bowl Height: 12.375 ” Fire Bowl Width: 30 ” Fire Bowl Depth: 30 ”

Weight – 33lbs makes this wood burning fire pit pretty easy to move and would almost qualify it to be portable depending on your mode of transportation. Probably not light enough to hike with 🙂 but you can bring along to tailgate.

Included Accessories – A full size cooking grate is included for grilling up some hotdogs or hamburgers when tailgating or enjoying the outdoors in you backyard. A poker and spark screen are included for maintaining the flame and safety.


Detailed Design

Large Capacity


Painted Steel

Bottom Line for this Landmann Wood Burning Fire Pit

The aesthetics are not the only thing that will get your friends talking about the Landmann Wood Burning Fire Pit. The overall size allow this fire pit to both fit into any outdoor patio design but it is also large enough to have to keep refilling with wood. The burn time on this wood fire pit is great. The included cooking grate will give you and your guests even more reason to circle the flame.

2. Sunnydaze Large Rustic Cast Iron Wood-Burning Fire Pit Bowl, 34 Inch Diameter

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When it comes to pure aesthetics it would be hard to find a better wood burning fire pit than the Sunnydaze Large Rustic Cast Iron Wood-Burning Fire Pit Bowl. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident as soon as you take the Sunnydaze fire pit out of the box.

This wood burning fire pit is hand hammered and each unit is unique. The dancing flames along with the cast iron finish create a warm glow that will have your friends and family complementing your choice. Your conversation piece will keep the good times rolling with the extra deep pit which allows for tremendous burn times.

Sunnydaze Large Rustic Cast Iron Wood-Burning Fire Pit Bowl Specs:

Size – 15 x 34 x 34 inches

Weight – 35 pounds

Setup – Easy to put together and the quality components look like they will last a few seasons at minimum.

Included Accessories – This wood fire pit comes with a cover to protect the unit from the elements when not in use.


Stunning craftsmanship

Deep pit


Cast iron finish in the fire bowl can turn darker with extended use.

Bottomline on the Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl : If you are going purely on looks this wood burning fire pit would be hard to beat! The sturdy frame paired with the rustic cast iron finish will fit nicely with an patio furniture.

3. Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit

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The Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit is basically the little brother of our top pick. This wood burning fire pit comes with decorative cut outs that enhance the overall flame effect. The cutouts also add amazingly warm ambiance from the deep glow of the lower flames. Usually you only see the dancing tops but with the intricate cutouts you get to see the full raging flames from the base of the fire.

The Bromley Fire Pit is a great option for tailgating at home or on the road due to its lightweight and durable construction. You should have no problem transporting this unit in most cars. For the price you will have a hard time finding a better wood burning fire pit.

Landmann Bromley Fire Pit Specs:

Size – Coming in at 25.8 x 25.8 x 19.9 inches this fire pit is big enough to have a few hours of quality burn time and still small enough to easily transport.

Weight – At 12.7 pounds the Landmann Bromely is one of the lightest wood burning fire pits we tested.

Setup – Very simple setup process. It took us about 15 minutes to attach the bowl to the legs and then 5 minutes to attach the handle to the screen.

Included Accessories – Screen to prevent embers from flying around and a stoker to keep the flame going.


Fits most budgets

Very lightweight


Lacks the intricate design of more expensive units.

Bottomline on the Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit: If you are looking for the best cheap wood burning fire pit this is by far the best option we tested. The sturdy components matched with the lightweight design also make this one of the most versatile tailgating fire pit. So whether you are looking for a backyard outdoor wood burning fire pit or a fire pit for tailgating the Bromley is a great choice!

4. Ohio Flame 30in. Diameter Fire Pit in Natural Steel Finish

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The Ohio Flame 30in. Diameter Fire Pit in Natural Steel Finish tops our list when it comes to construction quality. This wood burning fire pit is made of 100% American Steel and you can certainly feel the quality when you take it out of the box as this unit is fairly heavy especially when compared to the other fire pits that we tested.

There is no assembly required which makes this the quickest setup of any unit we tested! Just throw in some logs and you are ready to enjoy the dancing flames straight out of the box. With no complicated manual or parts to assemble this fire pit is built to last a lifetime. The patina finish enhances the styling of this modern unit and it will grow in character over time as it will darken with use.

Ohio Flame Fire Pit Specs:

Size – 30 x 30 x 14.5 inches makes this wood burning fire pit easy to arrange with your current patio furniture. The styling will go with pretty much any outdoor patio decor.

Weight – 68 pounds is admittedly a bit hefty but if you are looking for a set it and forget it kind of arrangement then this is a great option. There is a built in rain drain so maintenance is very easy in a stationary position.

Setup – None!


Will last a long time

Modern design


No screen or Poker

Bottomline: If you are looking for a wood burning fire pit built to last than this is the one! The thick steel construction will hold up to years of use. Each unit is made by a local artisan and the craftsmanship is evident as soon as you feel the quality and thickness of the materials used. Ohio Flame got it right with this fire pit.

5. Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl

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If you are looking for a big, easy to use, quality wood burning fire pit than the Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl fits the bill. The extra large fire bowl holds enough firewood to last all night. Imagine sitting back on your favorite patio chair staring at the dancing flames and not having to worry about how long it will last.

This thing is built like a house! Well maybe better than house as it made from heavy gauge metal that is about a half an inch in diameter. This wood burning fire pit will give off ample heat and be a conversation starter with its simple yet elegant design.

Esschert Fire Bowl Specs:

Size – 30.9 x 30.9 x 11 inches

Weight – 80.2 pounds

Setup – Attach the base to the bowl. Took less than 5 minutes

Included Accessories – Nope!


Huge Bowl for long burn time


No screen or stoker

Bottomline on the Esschert Fire Bowl: The Esschert Fire Bowl checks off pretty much every item you could imagine for a simple and easy to use fire pit. No need to clean out the mesh as you would with other units that have cutouts. This is a no frills HUGE fire bowl that will allow you to relax and enjoy your backyard even more.

Best Wood Burning Fire Pit Buying Guide

When you are looking for wood burning fire pits for sale there are lot of features to consider. You have to look at price of course but this can be misleading if you want to have fire pit that lasts more than a couple of seasons. Many cheaper fire pits may have a creative design with cutouts that look much more intricate than the more expensive solid fire bowls but there is a reason!

The cheaper more complicated looking units have many parts that could deteriorate over time especially considering that most owners will keep their wood burning fire bowls outside all year round. Most of the time manufacturers will have to use thinner or less sturdy materials in order to have those cute cutouts. We stayed away from those units during our testing so don’t worry if some have cutouts. They are still structurally sound and will last more than a few seasons.

So now that we have the price factor fully laid out let’s look at some other important factors to consider when purchasing a new wood burning fire pit online. You will want to look at the overall size of the unit to see if it will fit on your patio or deck and make sense when arranged with your patio furniture.

Also, be sure to look for measurements of the bowl itself. This will give you a good idea of the burn time for your fire pit. In theory, the larger and deeper the fire bowl the longer burn time will be. This means you won’t have to keep getting up and adding more wood throughout the night.

Be sure to check if the wood burning fire pit package you are buying includes a screen and a poker. Some of the more expensive units will not as they specialize in the bowl and don’t want to offer a crappy screen and poker. However, most of the options we reviewed do come with quality screens and pokers so you won’t have to go searching for those.

If you plan to use your new patio piece as a tailgating fire pit as well you will want to check the weight of the entire package. Anything over 50 pounds doesn’t really make sense to haul along but the Landmann Bromley we list above is perfect for taking on the road with you. Just make sure to pay attention to the local burn rules and burn ban status.

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