Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

Patios are the ultimate extension of your living space. There’s nothing like sitting out in the backyard, sipping your favorite beverage while admiring the stars over good conversation. Sometimes weather can get in the way of these precious moments. With an Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table you can enjoy the outdoors more throughout the year. With the added heat you can extend the outdoor activity calendar by months and sometimes all year round depending on your local climate.

1. Outland Fire Table

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When it comes to propane fire pit tables the Outland Fire Table from Outland Living really stands out against the competition. For the price this Outland Fire Table package includes premium Black Tempered Glass, Wicker Panels, Arctic Ice glass and 35,000 BTUs of heat.

Easy auto ignition makes getting this unit started about as simple as it gets. No need to worry about most fire bans as this unit is approved by CSA for use during lower fire ban levels.

Outland Propane Fire Pit Table Specs:

Heat – 35,000 BTUs to allow you to enjoy a comfortable heat radius.

Size – 44 x 32 x 23 inches is just about the perfect size for a patio or poolside fire table. This unit will fit nicely between patio furniture but also be elegant enough to stand alone as a focal point on its own.

Weight – At 113.5 lbs you might want to have the delivery setup to go exactly where you want it to be when assembled. This unit is slightly heavier than average but once this is setup that is an advantage as lighter units can be pushed around by stronger winds.

Setup – Fairly easy to setup. It is straightforward once you get everything unpacked.

Burn Time – manufacturer states burn time to be around 12-16 hours depending on flame settings. We have not run it for that long but it does seem reasonable with a 5 gallon propane tank.

Outland Living Propane Fire Table Overview:

This is one elegant propane fire pit table with many high end features. The quality of flame is truly spectacular when compared to similar models at this price point. The Arctic Ice Glass gives the appearance of melting ice which, in my opinion, really looks neat.

The reflection off the black tempered glass provides extra drama to an already beautiful flame. Wicker panels seem sturdy and add a bit of old school charm to this fire table from Outland Living.

We recommend purchasing the accessory kit offered for this Outland Living Fire Table. The kit includes a soft cover, outland fire table glass lid insert, and glass wind fence. The soft cover fits perfectly to keep your unit out of the elements when not in use.

The outland propane fire table glass lid insert keeps objects out of the fire glass to prevent unwanted smells when burning and it keeps the unit cleaner overall. Glass wind fences allow heat to be thrown off to its surroundings while keeping wind from affecting the flame too much. This is perfect for windy days where you still want a strong flame and heat.


Elegant fire table with dramatic flames

Easy to setup

Long burn time


Tank refill access

About Outland Living makers of the Outland Fire Table:

Outland living burst on to the scene with the ever popular Outland Fire Bowl. The company was founded in 2010 and quickly expanded their product line to be one of the leading outdoor fire pit companies. Based in Surrey, BC, CA Outland Living continues to innovate and bring joy to customers’ backyards throughout Canada and the USA.

Bottomline: The Outland Fire Table would be a great addition to any backyard!

2. AZ Patio Heaters

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The AZ Patio heaters are built tough but have a refined elegance that will make a great extension of your living space to the outdoors. Ample heat is given off by this patio heater fire pit and the smooth and relaxing flames will have you relaxing outdoors all year round.

Simple components such as round aluminum fire pit and propane tank make this unit both easy to put together and also long lasting. No wasted fancy buttons or knobs that will surely break off after a few patio parties.

AZ Fire Pit Specs:

Heat – 42,000 BTUs will keep you warm on those chilly fall and spring nights when you wish nothing more than to sit outside and enjoy the stars.

Size – Coming in at 23 x 45 x 45 inches the AZ patio heater is perfect for patio furniture or as a standalone piece. This AZ propane fire pit table will fit perfectly with most outdoor patios or porches.

Weight – At just 90 pounds the AZ Aluminum Fire Pit is much lighter than other units in this price range. This makes the unit much more versatile for you ever changing backyard decor. It also makes it perfect for event venues to take in and out in between events where a sturdy patio heater might be needed.

Setup – While the tools provided will do the job we found that a home tool kit or socket set will help get the job done quicker.

AZ Patio Heaters HIL-FP-1108 Square Slatted Aluminum Fire Pit Overview:

The AZ Patio Heaters feature a lovely hammered bronze finish that should tie in nicely with most outdoor furniture setups. The hammered bronze reflects the light in such a way that really relaxes the mind and sets the mood for a romantic evening.

With the adjustable heat feature you can use this unit as a showpiece in the summer just to have some flames to look at and as a patio heater when the chilly temperatures come around.

AZ Patio Heaters come with smooth and clear fire glass. When lit the fire glass looks like melting ice which on its own looks pretty darn cool. If you add additional colors to the mix it only enhances the over warmth of the flame.

The relatively small size of the AZ Fire Pit makes this unit easy to set up and move around as your needs change. The fire pit can have chairs setup around it like a traditional open flame fire pit or a fire bowl to throw off heat to those sitting around it.
The elegant and traditional styling allows you to extend your indoor living space outdoors without having to worry about some space age or industrial unit sticking out like a sore thumb.


Adjustable heat levels

Classic look

Relatively lightweight


Somewhat cumbersome assembly

About AZ Patio Heaters:

AZ Patio Heaters prides itself in creating products with superior quality and integrity. Their patio heaters are tested by CSA and ETA which are fairly rigorous testing bodies. AZ Patio Heaters offers a 1 year limited warranty so you can buy your next or first Fire Pit with confidence.

Bottomline: AZ Patio Heaters really knocks it out of the park with their high end features at an affordable price. We highly recommend any of their Patio Heaters or Fire Pits.

3. The BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

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The BCP Gas Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table is as sturdy as they come. The ruggedness of the construction does not deter from the classic styling found with this top of the line outdoor fire pit table. The textured dark brown color is truly elegant and refined. The wooden appearance allows for a ton of versatility when pairing with patio furniture.

The BCP Fire Pit Table can easily double as a table to rest your feet on with the included table cover. The lid also keeps out any wanted contaminants when not in use. Extruded aluminum makes for a smooth finish and is an overall superior manufacturing process as it is much more detailed and precise.

Specs of the BCP Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table:

Heat – 42,000 BTU is one of the highest ratings that we tested. This is more than enough heat for a 15 foot radius and can be easily controlled with the unit if you need less.

Size – 23.5 x 45 x 45 inches allows for many different options when arranging your patio furniture. It is large enough to double as a table or can be a featured piece when used as a traditional fire pit ready for conversations and relaxing nights.

Weight – This was one of the lightest units we tested weighing in at only 80 lbs. This fire table can be moved in and out of storage easily or left outside with its rugged weather-proof steel construction.

Setup – All tools needed to put together this fire pit were included along with a good amount of fire glass.

Burn Time – We got about 10-12 hours when running this thing at full blast as we tested this unit on a pretty chilly day. It kept us warm throughout the party and guests commented on how much heat was given off with such a small gas outdoor

BCP Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table Overview:

The looks of this fire pit would really match well with a wicker set or any patio furniture with dark brown tones. By itself the unit demands attention and will be sure to draw comments from friends. It is not only one of the warmest units we tested but also the best looking.

The package comes with fire glass beads that are specifically designed to enhance the dancing effect of the fire pit flames. The glass beads are clear so they give the appearance of melting ice which is gives a cool relaxed feel.


High heat levels

Design fits widest range of decor


Could come with more glass fire beads


Of the units we tested this one provides some of the best heat so we would recommend it if you plan on using it in colder climates year round. If you are looking for a more metal industrial look this may not be your fire pit but other than that this fire table will fit into a wide array of styles.

The Best Choice Products Outdoor Fire Pit comes with a 60 day warranty but there are very few moving parts so this isn’t really too big of a concern.

Bottomline: The Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table is a top pick for gas outdoor fire pits!


4. Endless Summer, GAS1399SP, LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl

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As soon as the Endless Summer Fire Bowl comes out of the packaging you will be impressed with the craftsmanship and eye for detail. Sleek and elegant, this fire bowl hides the gas tank with a clever slide out feature. This allows for a more uniform design that can be appreciated from all angles.

The included black fire beads offer a truly unique addition to the overall beautiful flame this unit offers. In fact we started using black fire glass in our unit at home as we enjoyed the look so much. There is something about a gas outdoor fire bowl with black glass and large flame that calms the soul.

Endless Summer Fire Pit Specs:

Heat – 30,000 BTUs may be on the lower side of the scale when compared to similar units but it controls and radiates heat much better. The flame height can be controlled and it reaches an astonishing 20 inches when you really let it burn!

Size – Measuring in at 31.5 x 31.5 x 24.2 inches this unit is small enough to be used as both an outdoor coffee table style fire pit or a end table fire bowl. Basically it will fit pretty much anywhere you want to put it.

Weight – Coming in at 81.6 pounds, the Endless Summer LP gas outdoor fire bowl is one of the lightest units we have ever tested. You will be able to maneuver this fire table around as your needs and wants change with ease.

Setup – The Endless Summer fire table comes with all the tools needed for instruction and took about an hour to assemble which is par for the course compared to similar fire tables.

Burn Time – We got about 14 hours out of the Endless Summer propane fire pit with a full tank running at about medium flame. With lower settings you might get close to 20 hours but at that setting it more for ambiance rather than heat.

Endless Summer Propane Fire Pit Table Overview:

The Endless Summer LP Fire Pit style is truly elegant with an all black bottom and slate black top. The slate offers a chilled vibe compared to the more wooden tops of other units. It also adds to the perceived cost value as this unit looks like a much higher end fire table but does not break the bank. If you are looking to impress your friends than this is our best pick.

The black fire glass really makes this fire pit look unique. Most fire tables we tested used bright or white fire glass which looks cool but the black flames have a certain different note that speaks to the purpose of fire tables. The purpose being to relax and feel pampered. The black glass accomplished both for us.

The Endless Summer Fire Bowl would fit perfectly into any modern outdoor decor. The all black finishes tie in nicely with most darker patio furniture sets.


Elegant Design

Unique Black Glass


Low BTUs

Our recommendation for the Endless Summer Fire Bowl:

The fire table comes with a pretty decent manufacturer’s warranty that will cover most of the problems that may come up with general usage. You will need to buy a tank as one is not included. Other than that we have no hesitation recommending any Endless Summer product as they are made with quality Blue Rhino parts. You will have no problem finding replacement tanks as they are widely available online and at many retailers.

Bottomline: The Endless Summer LP Fire Pit would be a solid addition to your backyard decor.

5. Crawford Outdoor Square Liquid Propane Fire Pit Table

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This is a top choice fire pit if you are looking for a natural stone and wood look. This push button fire pit is about as easy to operate as they come.

The Crawford Outdoor Propane Fire Pit comes out of the box with no assembly required so you can have the a liquid propane fire pit up and running in no time which is rare for a fire pit of this caliber. Most competitors will have you staring at an assembly instruction book for a few hours before enjoying the warm glow that you are waiting for dearly.

Crawford Outdoor Square Liquid Propane Fire Pit Specs:

Heat – 40,000 BTUs as per their website. This is a great amount of heat considering the size of the unit. The fire pit will be able to heat a typical patio furniture setup comfortably.

Size – 35 x 35 x 28 inches is somewhat small but this makes it easy to fit around an existing patio furniture setup.

Weight – 155.4 pounds – will require two people to move around when the tank and lava rocks are installed. Won’t budge in the wind though!

Setup – Basically the easiest fire pit to assemble.

Burn Time – Around 10 hours

Crawford Outdoor Liquid Propane Fire Pit Overview:

The Crawford Outdoor Propane Fire Pit has an elegant natural stone and wood like finish that will tie in nicely to most outdoor furniture. The natural stone will also tie in nicely for pool areas with natural stone features like waterfalls or flooring.

While lava rocks create a warm and soothing environment they do not offer the pretty glow of fire glass you can easily add them. One of the highlights of the construction is that there is no real door to access the propane tank. Instead one of the side panels is removable creating a much more uniform look.


No real assembly required

Uniform look


Lava Rocks

About Manufacturer:

Crawford Outdoors was founded in 1986 and supplied tools for the oil industry. Over the years they expanded their product line to include wood pellets and grills. Today they are a leading seller of propane fire pits operating from Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.

BottomLine: The Crawford Outdoor Fire Pit provides heat and ease of assembly perfect for event planners, event hosts and backyard patios.

Outdoor Gas Propane Fire Pit Table Buying Guide

As mentioned above, extending your outdoor season is just one reason to invest in the best outdoor fire pit. Many people, including myself, simply enjoy the added ambiance an outdoor fire table. The dancing flames highlighted by interesting fire glass beads is sure to set the mood for a romantic night.

You may have seen patio heaters at a local restaurant allowing them to keep their outdoor seating open longer and thought these commercial patio heaters were too costly for a backyard. While some industrial patio heaters can range in the upper thousands range most of our list of best outdoor fire pit tables are much more affordable.

Considerations for your Propane Fire Pit Table Beyond Looks and Cost

Looks and cost are not the only criteria to consider when purchasing the best gas fire pit table. It is important to check the specs of each unit to see if they meet your needs. Some propane fire pit tables will only throw off nominal heat while others produce a great deal of heat but cannot be controlled. For those warm nights where you just want to enjoy the dancing flames it is important to be able to control both the flame and heat produced by your outdoor fire pit table. Unlike wood burning fire pits you can easily adjust the temperature.

Other areas to consider when finding the best outdoor propane fire pit table for sale is the size, height and burn time. The size of your propane fire pit table will determine how it can fit with your existing patio furniture. Some gas fire pit tables can act as a table when not in use while others are more the size of an end table.

The height of the outdoor fire pit will make an impact on how the heat is distributed and whether or not you can rest your feet on the outdoor fire table. A fire pit table that is too high will have most of the heat going over the intended target and might interfere with any tent or enclosure you may have on your patio.

Burn time is the amount of time you will get a flame going. This can vary based on various factors such as tank size, type of propane or gas, and the setting at which you opt to have the flame. The larger tank sizes will obviously last longer with the same settings as a smaller fire pit propane tank.

You will also want to keep in mind the style of your current or planned patio furniture. The best outdoor fire pit tables all have differing aesthetics ranging from modern to wicker. So be sure to find an outdoor propane fire pit table that meets your needs both with the specifications, features and design.