best electric garage heater

Best Electric Garage Heater

Whether you are looking to heat your garage to keep tinkering away on projects throughout the year or just want to keep your garage warm so the pipes wont burst (most pipes burst in garages as they are unheated!) we rounded up the best electric garage heater options for you.

We tested the units out during a cold spell and measured their ability to warm from the same temperature, around 35 degrees. Each electric garage heater performed well but some were more suited for specific needs. Some could easily double as a portable heater for job sites. Check out the roundup below to see which electric garage heater will work best for your specific needs.

1. Bromic Tungsten Smart Radiant Infrared Electric Heater

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With the Bromic Tungsten Smart Radiant Infrared Electric Patio Heater you know you are getting the best of the best. When we tested this unit in our garage we were blown away at the amount of heat this electric garage heater can produce! At 6000-watt this was by far the highest wattage we tested but we did not notice any real energy bill uptick compared to other lower models.

This infrared electric heater can easily be used both indoors and out. We found the heat produced by the Bromic to be suitable for our large patio and our large garage on the chilliest of nights. Combined with our propane fire pit table we almost felt like we were indoors on a cold autumn night.

Specs of the Bromic Tungsten Smart Radiant Infrared Electric Garage Heater:

Size – 3.5 x 56 x 8.5 inches

Weight – 22 pounds

Setup – You have to be careful when measuring your clearances indoors. This unit produces a great deal of heat so be sure to keep it out reach from kids and also flammable materials.


Tremendous Heat

Stylish Design


You have to be careful to install in proper place.

The Bromic electric garage and patio heater was head and shoulders better than the competition. Although it was primarily made to be a patio heater I wouldn’t be surprised if most people use it for both indoor and outdoors. You can easily mount this to bracket on your wall and be kept warm all winter long when working in your garage or workshop. The stylish design also makes it a great feature piece for your patio decor.

2. Cadet The Hot One Heater

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The Cadet The Hot One Heater is ultra portable so you can move it around your workshop as needed or you can easily throw it in your truck and use on colder job sites. The Hot One Heater comes loaded with safety features and is UL tested for added peace of mind.

You can easily control the temperature with Hi/Lo settings and it will automatically shut off if it begins to overheat. A fan only mode makes this even more versatile and helps with circulation in your work shop if you are dealing with chemicals or unwanted odors.

Specs for the Cadet The Hot One Heater:

Size – 8.2 x 17.5 x 15.8 inches

Weight – 29.4 pounds

Setup – Available in 20 or 30 amp. Simply plug and play. You can wall mount with an availble wall mount accessory.


Compact Size

Easily heats 2 car garage


No controllable thermostat or remote

If you are looking for a small electric garage heater that can still easily warm large spaces than this is a great option. We also recommend this unit for job sites as it is lightweight and easy to transport in a car or truck. Backed by a 5 year warranty the Cadet The Hot One Heater is a great portable garage heater that will last many winters.

3. Fahrenheat NPH4A Heavy Duty Portable Heater, 240-volt

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If you are looking for a heavy duty portable electric garage heater then look no further. The Fahrenheat NPH4A Heavy Duty Portable Heater is rugged and ready for any job site or garage. With enough heat to warm a 2 car garage this heater is still lightweight enough to throw in the back of a car and heat anywhere and anything you need.

Simple Hi/Lo settings will easily allow you to manage the amount of heat you need. At full blast, 13,652 BTU, this electric garage heater warmed up our 2 car garage from 38 to 64 in just under 2 hours. Not bad for such a portable unit!

Fahrenheat NPH4A Heavy Duty Portable Heater Specs:

Size – 8 x 22 x 16 inches

Weight – 25 pounds

Setup – Plug and play. Also comes with a bracket for wall mounting


Compact and Lightweight


Cord is only 6 feet long

This is our top pick if you are looking for an ultra portable electric garage heater. For the size this electric heater sure packs a punch. This is also a great option if you need to heat large spaces but don’t want a big ugly heater to detract from the decor.

4. Versonel Electric Wall Mount Infrared Indoor Outdoor Heater VSLWMH100

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We chose the Versonel Indoor heater because of its versatility. The unit can be used effectively both indoors and outdoors. This makes it a great option if you are looking for an electric garage heater and an electric patio heater. The Versonel garage heater easily mounts to any wall or ceiling and has a 10 ft electrical cord making it easy to fit in most garages. The infrared heat is very safe and produces little sound and no harmful chemical smells you might find with other garage heaters.

Specs of the Versonel Electric Wall Mount Infrared Indoor Outdoor Heater:

Size – 7 x 11 x 38 inches

Weight – 8.3 pounds

Setup – Wall or ceiling mounts


Very flexible

Provides clean heat


Not suitable for very large garages.

The Versonel Infrared Garage Heater is very energy efficient compared to a traditional heater. You also won’t need any confusing plug or setup instructions. We recommend this electric garage heater for 1 car garages or smaller work spaces. Also, if you want an outdoor capable heater than this will work great if you want to move it both indoors and outdoors. The setup time is minimal so transferring the unit from your garage to patio won’t be too much of headache.

5. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988 Garage Shop 208/240V, 4800/5600W Heater

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The Dr. Infrared Heater is a true powerhouse producing more than enough heat to warm up your garage even on the coldest nights. It has a built in overheat turn off feature so you won’t have to worry about your electric garage heater overheating and potentially catching fire. The Dr. Infrared also comes with a built in thermostat controlling temperatures from the mid 40s all the way up to 95 degrees fahrenheit.


Size – 12 x 12 x 15 inches

Weight – 12 pounds

Setup – Require 6-30R plug


Produces a ton of heat

Quiet Operation


6-30R Plug

While this particular unit does require a 6-30R Plug it still provides more heat than most in its class. We also found the cord to be a little short for some applications. We would recommend this unit for industrial job sites and those who work in their garage consistently through the winter and need a dedicated heat source. If you are looking for something to use once and awhile the hassle of the cord may not be worth your time.

Electric Garage Heater Buying Guide

There are many things to consider when purchasing an electric garage heater. First let’s take a look at how price may affect the your buying decision.

The price of your electric heater will probably be reflected in the total heat produced by your unit. The higher the price the more heat usually. Some electric garage heaters are capable of heating large dance halls and others a closet. So know what to expect when considering a budget unit rather than a more costly one. If you simply need a garage heater for say 1 car than any of the above electric heaters will do.

When it comes to price you also need to remember that these electric heaters can consume a lot of energy. So if you don’t want a huge surprise on your next energy bill be sure to check the energy rating when looking for an electric garage heater for sale.

The next thing you want to consider is the ease of installation. Do you really want to spend a couple of days hard wiring an electric garage heater that you maybe use 3 or 4 times a year? If you know you will be out there needing heat for your workshop or if you are worried about pipes freezing than a hardwired unit or one that you need to wall mount is definitely worth the trouble.

Along the same line you will also want to consider how portable your new electric garage heater will be. If you plan on taking this with you on the job than look for something lightweight and rugged like the Farenheat Heavy Duty. This electric heater is compact and portable yet still provides a great deal of heat.

When purchasing an electric garage heater it probably goes without saying that heat is important. You can look for larger wattage and BTU ratings all day but you also have to consider the space you are going to heat. Something like the Bromic heater would be complete overkill for a one car garage. However, if you plan on using your heater on a patio as well than it makes perfect sense to buy one heater like this than for each application.

Lastly and probably most importantly, you will want to make sure that your electric garage heaters and tested and safe. These things produce a great deal of heat so you have to be careful. Beyond just burning yourself or nearby object you will also have to be mindful of them overheating. Look for a garage heater that has overheat detection so incase you run into that scenario it will just turn itself off.

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