best robot lawn mower

Best Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robot mower sound too space age? Yeah we thought so too. If it weren’t for our neighbor swearing by his Landroid robotic mower we probably would have never considered testing any robot lawn mowers at all.

We were surprised at how quiet all the robotic mowers operated and even tested some overnight! No need to worry about waking the neighbors like you would with a gas powered mower or even battery powered cordless lawn mowers. Better yet they are emission free all running on rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Best Programmable Automatic Robotic Mower

WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

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The Worx Landroid comes preprogrammed right out of the box so you don’t have to spend hours staring at an instruction manual getting frustrated with each page turn. This automatic robot mower can handle 20 degree incline hills with ease. Mowing up to ¼ acre makes this a great option for the average yard. Due to it being battery powered and quiet you can even run this at night.

Like most robot lawn mowers the Worx Landroid trims the grass each day instead of taking large amounts once a week or however long it is between cuts normally. This means that you can program your robot mower to cut the grass every night so you can wake up to the smell of fresh grass every morning!

The Worx Landroid worked perfectly on our test lawn. Seeing as we live in Florida there were no real hills to test the unit on but every other feature was top notch. The robot mower was able to avoid our wood burning fire pit with ease and made it through tight pathways fairly quickly.

WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Specs:

Size – 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches

Weight – 36 pounds

Battery – 1 Lithium ion batteries included


Quiet Operation

Long Battery Life


Only ¼ capacity


The Worx Landroid Robotic Mower is a great choice for yards under ¼ acre with tricky areas to maneuver.

Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mower

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The Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower is feature packed. The Robomow be programmed to handle multiple zones of your yard. Think back yard cut off from front yard. You can also use their remote control lawn mower app to navigate extremely tight spaces or odd obstacles.

The Robomow is able to handle grades of 36 % so it can handle most lawns with ease. With its built in rain detector you can program the robot mower to return to its charging base or continue in the rain or high humidity levels.

Out of the box you really notice the extreme sharpness of the blades and quality of craftsmanship.

Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mower Specs:

Size – 24.8 x 18.1 x 8.3 inches

Weight – 25.1 pounds

Battery – 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)


Able to handle inclines well


Not the best at handling tight areas without manually using the app


If you have a somewhat hilly and open yard then the Robomow is the best bet.

Husqvarna 967623405 Automower 315 Robotic Lawn Mower

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The Husqvarna Automower is built tough and can handle rocky terrain with ease. The unique blade system makes tiny cuts and leaves behind leaves that act as fertilizer. The Automower is super quiet and did not bother us when we tested it at night. This robot mower performed well and seemed to be able to handle any grade on our yard.

The Automower robotic lawn mower does require more setup than most of the other robot mowers we tested. However, once set up we had less problems with the charging station compared to the other units tested.

Husqvarna 967623405 Automower 315 Robotic Lawn Mower Specs:

Size – 9.8 x 20.1 x 24.8 inches

Weight – 19.8 pounds

Battery – Lithium Ion


Ultra Quiet


Extensive setup and installation

McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower

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The ROB robotic mower comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box. The boundary wire was easy to install and that led to a happy Mr. HoneyDo when testing! The ROB was able to handle all the obstacles like our propane fire pit table and seemed to be able to cut thicker grass than the other robot mowers we tested. This is great for our St. Augustine grass we unfortunately have.

The ROB comes with some nifty safety measures that should keep wandering eyes and thieves away. The ROB robotic mower has a loud alarm that was almost as loud as our car alarm. This triggers when someone tries to lift or steal it. It also has a keypad that requires a PIN number to change settings or use. So even if someone somehow manages to steal the automatic robot lawn mower they won’t be able to use it.

McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower Specs:

Size – 10.24 x 17.32 x 23.23 inches

Weight – 15.4 pounds

Battery – Lithium Ion


Safety and Security Features


Only ¼ acre

GARDENA 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

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The Gardena was kind of a disappointment throughout our testing. It was priced way more than the other robot mowers we tested so we had high expectations. The ease of setup was just about the same as all the other robotic lawn mowers. It was easy to see that the space it covered was significantly less just by looking at the boundary wire.

Sure enough the Gardena was only able to cover 800 square meters, making it the least area covered of any automatic robot mower we tested. It was nice that it had several settings to control the height you preferred it to cut. Other than that we would say save your money and purchase the Robomow or Worx Landroid.

GARDENA 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower Specs:

Size – 8 x 16 x 24 inches

Weight – 16.5 pounds

Battery – Lithium Ion


Adjustable cut


Small radius



Hard to see the value in this robot mower. With the other robotic lawn mowers costing significantly less and able to cover a larger area we cannot recommend this product.

Best Programmable Robotic Mower Buying Guide

The three main things you want to consider when looking for a programmable mower are maneuverability, radius or area it can cover, and ease of setup.

Automatic lawn mower maneuverability

First lets look at maneuverability. If you have a lot of patio furniture or like us have a wood burning fire pit in your yard you will want to make sure your robot mower can go around and avoid objects. All of the auto lawn mowers we tested were able to maneuver themselves around objects fairly easily. The Robomow came with a remote control app that made it even better at getting a precise cut.

Along with avoid objects you want to make sure your automatic robot mower can handle the terrain of your yard. We weren’t able to test this feature that much as we live in a flat area but of the units we tested the Robomow was rated the best at over 30 degree grades.

Robot Mower Yard Size

Secondly and probably most importantly, you will have to make sure your robot mower can cover your entire yard. Most of the units we tested were able to handle ¼ acre in size. Anyone with a larger yard would probably need to buy two units and make sure they are programmed to cover their own area. The Robomow was easy to program for our yard as the back yard is fenced. It handles zone programming better than the other robot mowers we tested.

Robot Lawn Mower Setup

Lastly you need to consider the ease of setup for your new robot mower. Some of the automatic mowers we tested were a pain to install all the boundary wires. Once we got that taken care of the programming was another hassle. Some were not as intuitive as others and some even lacked a feature to have the robot mower stop when raining. Make sure that you read the instructions when programming or it could lead to even more headaches.

Automatic Mower FAQ

Are automatic mowers quiet?

Yes, you can even program them to run at night as they will not be loud enough to annoy your neighbors. The blades run smooth and the battery powered engine is super quiet.

How often do you need to run your robot lawn mower?

Robot mowers are more like robot trimmers. They do not cut grass as you would normally think about it. Instead of cutting a few inches every week or so the programmable robotic mower runs every day trimming off smaller amounts. This leads to healthier grass conditions as the small cuts act as fertilizer.

Do robotic lawn mowers actually work?

Yes! If you take the time to set the units up correctly you will be very pleased with the results. All it takes is programming the times you want it to run and setting up the boundary wires so it knows where to cut. The blades are very sharp and can easily cut through thick grasses like St. Augustine.

How does a robot lawn mower know where to mow?

Most robot mowers require boundary wires to be laid out in your yard. Think of these like an invisible dog fence, well except they are not invisible. Most of the wires are thin enough that you can not notice them from afar. Once the robotic lawn mower hits the boundary wire it will back up and move on till it hits another one.

Are robotic lawn mowers safe?

Yes, they have many safety and security features built in. Most of them will turn off the blades if it is lifted. Many also have security features like an alarm of pin code that is required to operate.

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